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Who are you?

We exist through others. What we think we are, only exists as a reflection of what others affirm, or what we think or assume they have affirmed. And, what we have decided for in our own mind. This feeling of “I”, the notion that “I” exists, is only a reflection of what you think you are. Your surroundings, experiences, stories, others, family, lovers, friends, and society, construct this feeling, sense, or illusion of “I”.

It can be noisy. It can be happy. It can be successful. It can be dreadful. It can be ugly. It can be beautiful.

Now, consider this: what lies beyond, this “I”?

Say, if you were to go out to the mountains, the unknown, the unseen, the abyss.
A place far away from home. A place to miss, all you have ever known.
A place for no human or creature, all alone, just you and nature, and the thoughts, in the skull.

What would become? What would be “I”?

Would the “I” be reflected in the peace, solitude, joy and serenity of the sky, the mountain, the clouds, the glacier, the river, and the vast endless sea?

Maybe, but then again, there too is reflection. You would still be reflecting what you see, what you think is this “I” thing.

Then, what, are you? What could you, possibly, be? Who is this “I” feeling?

I know, it’s scary, or rather exciting. It’s thrilling. It’s liberating.

You are nothing. You are everything.
You are the pain. You are the joy.
You are the rain. You are the void.
You are the fear. You are the love.
You are here. You are a part, of it all.

You are your own iteration.
You are the eternal creation.


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What If

“Sepehr, I wanted to say, if it wasn’t for you and your CrossFit sessions last year, I would not have gotten here. I wouldn’t have started and kept working out, more, on my own. I’ve lost ten kilos (twenty-two pounds).” He says to me as we shake hands. “This is incredible man, thank you for sharing and, you have a six pack!” I am moved by his journey. I haven’t seen him since I left Malaysia in April 2014. I didn’t recognize him until his name was called for him to go up on stage at the Mindvalley weekly team meeting. There he stood, before more than a hundred and thirty people encouraging them to join him in the weekly workouts and the upcoming Viper Challenge obstacle race in Kuala Lumpur. 

Jonathan, for those of us who haven’t met him, is a quiet, timid kind of individual. He’s not much of a talker. He’s more of a doer. He let’s his actions do the talking. And man, do they talk? No, they sing, they scream, out loud. They’re screaming that you can be and do whatever you want, right here, right now. All you gotta do, is do it. This should not be taken lightly. It’s an impeccable and critical quality of any achiever. He is persistent. He is focused. He is determined. He does not look to others for advice – chasing the latest fashion, trend, or shortcut. He lives down on earth. He flies when he gets down to work. You dig? Simple. Easy? I don’t know, depends. But, who wants easy? Why settle for easy when you can know glory? 

One motion at a time. One push-up at a time. One sit-up at a time. One burpee at a time. One step at a time. One breathe at a time. One drop of sweat at a time. One. One. And Done. No, not quite. Remember, you don’t want easy, do you? You’re never really done. This is another thing to take note of (hint to reader: highlight this part, put a line under it, mark it, bold it, italicize it, know it). Have fun before you get to where you’re going. You never have as much fun by arriving as you do, while getting there. There is no doubt whether you can and will, ultimately, get to where you decide you want to go so long as you persist. 

You do the work, and swoosh, magic, wallah, you’re there. This applies to everything, yes, even that, uh huh, that goal too. Yes, that big terrifying, bold, scary dream of yours, especially, that one. It is indifferent. Decide, then act, and let yourself get there. Trust that you’ll get there. As you learn to trust, enjoy the ride, too. 

I say this second part because it’s something I am becoming more aware of as I get the hang of this thing called life – or accept that there’s no hanging to it at all. You’re here to have fun, well, maybe not, who knows? But come on, you might as well since you’re here. As long as you’re chasing, you’re waiting, you’re longing for something better, or some imagined “improved” future state, you distance yourself from the fulfillment, contentment, satisfaction, peace, and joy that you can feel in the present. 

I used to be like this. I seldom enjoyed life, until now. I lived out of fear, instead of trust. This is how I functioned most my life. When I was coaching Jonathan or others, I didn’t see the transformation I was empowering another human being to experience. I was so caught up in my own head filled with expectations, comparisons, and longing, all rooted in fear maintained by a lack of self-trust that I could not see life as enough, as it were, as I was, as it is, and as I am. I had little fun.

I don’t have an exact count of how many people I’ve exposed to fitness or CrossFit either directory or indirectly – as a side effect of them sharing their own experience with others. Yet, it’s never been physical fitness that I hoped to share. I wanted to expose others, and myself, to a very simple and incredibly powerful idea. What if. What if, you tried? What if, you did it? Not in the way you think you’re supposed to do it, but in the way that you can do it, now. Once you see a glimpse of your own greatness, once you reach that “Holy shit I am more capable than I may have believed” moment, once you see what all you can be, then, you are unstoppable. You have learned trust. 

Trust is something you can learn. It’s something you must earn. It demands experience. It is an experiential phenomena. But what exactly are you trusting? It’s not “the universe”, “god”, or what have you. You’re learning to trust, yourself, your own ability to create, your reality. You’re understanding how to live according to laws of life, or nature. This can be scary at first. But the more you practice trust, the less fear there can be. Fear is fluffy. Trust is sturdy. Fear resists and destroys. Trust creates and flows. Fear lingers. Trust liberates.

Shatter the dam. Break the walls. Realize there were no walls to begin with. You are the real force. All else was habitual hoax. You have only to get out of the way and let it ride you where it may. The amazing thing is, you can never get enough. This can take away most of the fun. You can fall into this future state trap. You tend to be waiting, longing for some moment where you feel “happy”. You gotta start seeing everything, and I mean everything, from who you are, what you do, and who you love, to everyone and everything through and through as, enough. You have more fun when you forget this whole “better” idea and just be. Better is part of the journey. It will come, naturally. 

Come to think of it, I was a passenger on the ship cruising in the vast open sea, chasing the sun in the horizon, a far and distant fantasy. A place I could never see. I missed all the wonder that passed, right by me. Nowadays, I tend to look around. I notice my breathe more often. I see the birds flying above. I feel the wind running through me. I appreciate the people who surround me. I smile, heck, I laugh at the craziness of it all. I too, sometimes cry. 

Having traveled to twenty-five countries and lived in half a dozen or so, my mind ceases to exist noticing the infinitude of our species – the multitude of varieties that can be, the choices, the options, the opportunities, the paths, the possibilities, the anomalies, the uncertainties, the unknown. In the end, it is all the same, we all wanna return, to a place we can call, home. 

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I remember on my last day of trekking while descending from Everest base camp I finally began questioning myself. I had been walking about four hours on that day none-stop since eight in the morning. It was the tenth day walking for anywhere from three to six hours every day. I was unsure how much longer I needed to walk to arrive to Lukla, the final destination. I figured one to three hours more. I had already descended 1500 meters. I was completely soaked. My extremities were stiff cold, fingers were slightly numbed. Both feet were blistered in multiple places. Legs were sore. The back ached as I have a muscle tensing issue right behind my lungs which makes it difficult for me to breath especially in the cold and carrying the 10kg bag. I had not eaten since breakfast. I was alone.

Every now and then a local would walk by. I did not wear my prescription eye-glasses due to the fog that would form on the lenses. I could only see a few meters ahead. Hail shot down like rapid bullets flying down from the sky. The white bullets continued for the next two hours of the trek until I arrived to Lukla. “Lukla! Lukla! Which way is Lukla?” I would impatiently ask the locals when I was uncertain which path to take as I could barely see having low visibility with my astigmatism, with no glasses.

“Why am I doing this? Why am I here? Why do I put myself in these conditions? Why do I make myself so alone? Why? What will I do now that it’s almost over? What is the point of it all?” I fearfully beg myself for answers as doubt creeps up in my brain. But, I could not answer this question. Sure, some answers came to mind. “It’s fun. It’s adventurous. It’s cool. You can write about it later. You’re learning. You’re growing. You’re…ugh” I tried to calm the mind. But nothing would satisfy. Nothing gave me peace, except this: “There’s no why Sepehr. There’s only the way. You’re doing it because you’re doing it.” I completely defused the mind’s psyche. I felt so liberated, instantly. I could be and do whatever I wanted to. And I had no need for any reason. I could be happy, right there and then. I was. And I still am. I let go. I accepted and welcomed, unconditionally without expectation, what was, what is, and what will be.

Now, I know in you is a dream. A dream that only you know – that only you can know. A dream you were born to live. A dream that you want to take, from fantasy and bring, to reality. This, not even you can deny. So, you can no longer spend your life going on denying this truth you’ve come to see. But you still deny it. You linger on to mediocrity while waiting, hoping, seeking, longing for a sign. You want a reason. You want a purpose. You want a someone, or a some, thing, from outside yourself to tell you that it’s okay for you to do what you want to do. You want a guarantee. You want certainty. You’re waiting for the unnecessary. You’re postponing your ultimate reality. You’re waiting desperately, for permission. It is all due to your brain’s fear-based illusion.

You see evolutionary, our brains operate on logic and fear. The brain wants meaning for without meaning it will resist life. But you see life, has no meaning, innately. Life is meaningless. There is no ultimatum in this journey. There is no purpose. There is no answer. Meaning is a gift that consciously evolved human beings with intelligence such as you and I have the capacity to create and experience. It is a choice and it can be beautiful. When you dare to see this and still find joy in the meaninglessness of life by creating meaning consciously, then you begin to live as purely and truly as possible. Life begins to have a childlike beauty, spark, and zest to it. You feel people. You see places and things differently. You feel the wonder of it all. You are fully alive.

Yes, there are things you are naturally better at than me. And things I am better at than you. And there are some things that through your nurturing and life experience you find more meaning in. Things that have impacted you. Things that have brought you to where you are, now and here, today. Yet, you still resist what you already know you want to do. Stop resisting. Start allowing. You will never be ready. You can never prepare for life. You prepare by doing it. The preparation is in the process. What you want to do is a natural effect of being human. Your very existence is a creation. Your birth is an inception of the nonexistent. It is a bringing forth. It is art. You are an artist. You were born to create. When you create you connect. You dissolve your sense of self. You transcend.

We are all artists. Art is life. Life is art. Life, like art, is unknown. Life is uncertain. The only thing guaranteed after your birth is your death. Everything in between is a choice. Make the choice and get on with it already before comes time for the guarantee, your death. Life or nature does not give a damn about you or me. Nature has laws. All life is projection. When you do something new it gives you the capacity to project and hence attract more of the same. It is easy, liberating, and resistant-free once you dare to be. If you think of, speak of, and act on things you do not like, you will attract more of it. Why do you keep on this way? Because you are afraid. You fear what may be. You fear life. You fear the unknown and uncertainty of reality.

Stop operating from your tiny lizard reptilian brain. You can and must elevate beyond this and live, no, fly with your entire being. Your wholeness. Your essence. Your oneness – what you know and will continuously discover about yourself. There is no why. There is only the way. You do not need a reason or a permission slip to be or to do anything. When you attach yourself to a reason, purpose, or why, you are limited. The moment something new arises that is contradictory to what you believed in, you will again doubt what you do. Stop living with purpose. Start living, period. Do it because you do it. Do it because when you do it, you do not exist. Do it because when you do it you connect to something beyond yourself. Do it because to do it is natural to you. Just do it.

Why is for the needy, the attached, the weak, the greedy. Do not wait for why. Start without why. Just start. Why, is for the corporation, the church, and the government to control groups of human beings in achieving their self-interested goals and agenda. Life has no why. The free human being needs no why for she has risen beyond logic. She operates beyond reason, thought or purpose. She simply is. She simply allows.

She knows it is not her who asks why, it is the ego, the small fearful voice inside that wants reason because she’s afraid. She knows the way, is the why. She knows that the ultimate and true meaning of life is life in and of itself – and to live it truly is her only purpose. There’s nothing else. She does not dissect and try to find meaning in the little things and doings. She elevates and creates meaning and joy in the togetherness and oneness of life. And this she can only do by living life, by enjoying life, by appreciating life, by allowing life, by dancing with life, by accepting life.

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When you allow yourself to do things you did not consider within your ability, things that you’ve been told are beyond your character, things thought of as “out of your range”, and thus have come to tell yourself you should not do, when you dare to ALLOW yourself to do such things, whatever they may be for you – not to disprove anyone but for the experience, you gain knowingness. You are no longer bound by fears, beliefs, and ideals. You have freed yourself, just a bit more. You’ve become bold.

When you live boldly, you feel life more purely. You are authentic. You are real. You are it. There’s no personality. You allow your individuality to be as it may be, something you do not even know, for you must always explore. Overtime, having shed yourself of your own self-doubt and bullshit rules, you feel lighter. You see things more clearly. You harness more mental ability. You have risen. You elevate yourself, beyond your own past self. You no longer seek to impress. Your existence becomes an inspiration to all who get to see and to know you.

Having met so many beautiful people throughout the world with various points of view and individual stories, I’ve come to see that a true being, a true soul, is ultimately, always lost and the same, yet still an individual. She is an outcast from societal fears and policies. She does not seek the illusion of certainty hidden behind comfort. She is and must be a rebel. Not for the sake of being rebellious or to prove anything to anyone, but because she knows rebelliousness is natural.

A rebel is uncertain. Life is uncertain. The only thing certain in life is death. A rebel laughs death in the face when she lives boldly. She is free. She is wild. She is as nature intended her to be. You must be and love what you already are, right now. This is a natural thing. A sunflower will not once wish or try to be a rose. She was never told not to be yellow. Being as she is, she will forever glow. She is in no hurry to blossom or to grow. She’s right where she needs to be in her journey of being. She’s always perfect, yet always imperfect. She is.

Growing up in the Islamic Republic of Iran with a traditional upbringing, I always viewed people with tattoos and men with piercings as outcasts, as outlaws, as crazy ones, as ones who are to be feared by society. I could have never imagined having tattoos let alone piercings, ever. But I have tattoos and piercings – and I love ‘em.

I never get a tattoo unless it has meaning to me. After all, that’s what we are, conscious beings with intelligence who are capable of creating and experiencing meaning out of absolutely nothing. This is a gift that you and I have been given freely with no expectation. Lately, I wanted another tattoo since the last one was in 2013, but nothing would come to me so I waited and I allowed.

I also craved the physical pleasure and excitement of it. The needle tearing the skin over and over for hours, in the already punctured skin, is a scientifically addictive experience. When the body has to endure prolonged physical pain, the brain releases endorphins creating a high sensation. This feeling is somewhat akin to being in love or a runner’s high after having ran eight miles or more. You lose your sense of self, even if momentarily.

“Ladies and gentlemen please prepare for landing.” The attendant announces as the plane flying at 30,000 feet in the open sky from Kathmandu approaches Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, February 25th, 2015. I was filled with unimaginable energy thinking of all the incredible people and places I would soon see and be with.

Swaying side to side, I listen to Darte Un Beso by Prince Royce singing in my earphones as I edit a two line poem,
“Have you dared to hold your heart in your hand and given it to someone?
Have you dared to feel such love that all your fears were suddenly undone?”. And so, I decided to get a tattoo of a heart on the back of my right hand as a reminder of sorts.

It resonates with the “endless knot of life” tattoo that I got on my right forearm in Langkawi in 2012. The heart’s love is endless, infinite, eternal, free, and beyond logic. But you still do need logic.

So, I decided to get a tattoo of the mind or the human brain on the left back-hand as this resembles logic. It too happens to resonate with “evolve” that was bamboo tattooed on my left forearm when I went to Koh Phagan, Thailand with brotherKaveh in August 2013. Having the brain on the left is a reminder to keep my heart above my head. To live more from the heart and less from the brain.

Yin and Yang.
Love and Logic.
Art and Science.
Beauty and Beast.
Feeling and Thinking.
Feminine and Masculine.
Vulnerable and Guarded.
Jane Wilde and Stephen Hawking.

Peanut Butter and Jelly.
Or is it Jelly and Peanut Butter?

You can’t have one without the other.
And you shouldn’t try. It’s unnatural.
The two balance each other.
You always need both.
You already have both.
You are both.

And you must allow yourself to be and to express both.
Repression causes obsessions that destroy you, slowly.

Express yourself, freely.
You owe it to yourself.

Don’t just get of your “comfort zone”.
Forget the comfort zone.
There are no zones.

There is life.
And life is bold.

Be bold my friend.
Be rebellious.
Be You.

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I do not apologize. And I am not sorry. Because no matter what I, do, I, can never, hurt, anybody. The thing in you that feels hurt, is not you.

You are not, fear. You are not, ignorance. You are not, ego. You are not, neediness. You are not, envy. You are not, false.

You are truth. You are life. You are beauty. You are joy. You are love. You are laughter. You are greatness. You are wonder.

And so, it’s no wonder, I cannot apologize, it is an impossibility, to be sorry. You are untouchable. You, can never be touched or hurt, by me, or any, body.

I too, cannot forgive. You never hurt me. And you never can. So, there is no need for or possibility of forgiveness either.

I too, am invincible, love.

Let’s stop drowning in regret, feeling so damn sorry.
Let’s start dancing together, with no freaking worry.

While we still can.
Because this here life,
is a one-time-offer.

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There is no one soulmate for you or anyone else. Stop believing in this societal nonsense. Dare to understand and accept the truth. The person you’re with is not the ultimate and only person you can have love and fulfillment with. The very idea is absurd and ludicrous. There are way too many people on this ever-connected flattened earth for you to expect yourself to feel love, joy, passion, and excitement with only one person. Do not put this unnecessary and unrealistic expectation on yourself and her or him.

Accept that you will naturally be attracted to others besides your partner. In accepting you surrender to the reality of the matter and are able to forgo the obsession that would arise by repression of your true feelings in the encounter. Instead, allow yourself to get showered by the energy of the one you feel attraction toward. In so doing you do not become needy or greedy thinking that you must chase this feeling to get something from this experience.

Simply allow the sudden and various experiences in life to be as they are and may be without your engagement but with your conscious being. Consciously allow yourself to go beyond desires and be fully and truly and madly and purely in love with the one you are already with because you trust, because you know.

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Love Yourself

The best advice is to love yourself for only then you would be truly free as you would never be dependent, on the love of another.

But society does not want you to love yourself. Society would not exist without your love. Your parents want you to love them, to live for them, to fulfill their missed dreams. They do not even love themselves. They are victims of the same crime. The university needs your love. They want your money. They want you to get a job you hate so the corporations can have even more money.

The politician wants you to love him. His wealth and power depends on your support and belief in his bullshit. The priest needs your love too. He wants you to love Jesus. Or Mohammad. Or Buddha. Or Krishna. Or Mirza Ali Nouri. But not yourself. Your peers want you to love them. They want you to make them happy. They want to confide in you the pain that is the result of society having kept them from their own self-love. Can you see, how nobody, wants you to love yourself, not even, you?

I want you to love yourself. Just imagine, imagine if you lived absolutely, for yourself. Not with a fearful, blaming, or guilty attitude, but one of peace, understanding, and gratitude. If we all did this, we’d all have so much love that we could not contain it. We would have to spread it and naturally let it flow into everyone we meet. But we have been trained to become so fearful that we do not dare to do what we want. We do not dare to try, to be, and to love our own self.

A baby naturally loves herself. She is unconscious. She is still intact with her own self-love, her survival depends on it. Imagine if the baby did not love herself and thought “oh no, mom’s tired I think I won’t drink her milk today and let her rest.” The baby cannot even think. The baby loves herself. She is love. She has so much of it. That’s why when you surround yourself with children, you feel unimaginable, explosive, energy, unless, you don’t love yourself.

Love is energy. I love myself and the more I live according to my nature the more love I feel. I love every one. I do not expect anything, from anyone. I am here to give, to every one. I have had, enough. You cannot fathom. I do not want anything but to live for truth. Truth is not easy, but it’s the only thing that ultimately, sets you free.

I am in love with life. I am true to what I know and have discovered alone, up to this point about life. I have no expectations. I am free. I live according to what I know. I do not hide behind fear. I’ve done so, long enough to know how suffocating it is. I was born to breathe. To take life in. To let it all in. To let life, begin.

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The Coward in Disguise

The Buddhist monk is a misguided, sad, lonely, lost, fearful, confused coward, disguised in the orange robe. He’s meditating in the temple as he grows ever so old. He’s preaching to you all about not getting attached and getting rid of the self or the ego. He’s telling you not to get lost in desire or passion. He’s preaching. He hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about. He is a puppet. He is a heartless parrot. Spitting out what he has only heard or read. He is not an enlightened being. He is a hypocrite pretending.

If he had any courage he would get off his meditation pillow, go into the world, and discover the truth that Buddha discovered, for himself. He would know what it is to get drunk and high, as did Buddha. He would know what it is to drown in the passion of lust, just like Buddha. Only then could he know, what Buddha meant when he spoke of attachment, desire, or ego. He would know truth. Only then he would know without any doubt what he was once only preaching.

He must walk Buddha’s talk. He does not know. Buddha was a rebel, an outcast, an individual, a real badass. The monk is a Buddhist. He is a coward. Buddha was a leader. The monk is just another follower. One who’s chosen to hide for his own sake. He’s found comfort in the shelter of an organized man-made institution just as toxic as any other organized form of religion. He has chosen the relief of belief without daring to try and to see, the light Buddha spoke of, for himself. Belief is for the blind. He has not seen, for he is still in denial. None of us should listen to him.

And if he truly had known, felt, and experienced the pain and agony of fear, of attachment, of desire, by having gone through it all him self, he could not be so selfish to hide behind the walls of a temple. He could not resist escaping the temple and going into the world to share and to spread the truth and the love that he only pretends to know. His words would no longer be a regurgitation of prayers, stories, and mantras he once read in a book. He would know Buddha for and through himself.

The world needs more Buddhas. Not more Buddhists. We need rebels, individuals, knowers, revealers, and leaders. Not puppets, personalities, followers, believers, and deceivers.

I know Buddha. I know Rumi. I know Emerson. I too know Khayyam. I haven’t read the man-written bible and quran. I do not need to. I do not read. I write. I do not consume. I produce. I do not preach. I practice. I do not talk. I walk. I do not fall. I rise. I do not follow. I lead. I have seen the same truth they knew, myself. I know their pain. I too, know their love. I do not need any book or preacher to reveal it.

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The breeze, it’s too cold here. I feel something, it is too near.

This I know, it cannot be fear. The five degrees of celsius,
tonight, challenge me to type, faster, as I must write.

In the village, with nature, the place I had once known.
The words come pouring through, from the unknown.

The fingers, on these hands, they are too stiff, rough,
rigid, and cold. They cannot dance.

They are far weaker, than this here, seeker. 

Last day here, as a volunteer, before I journey,
alone, to the Everest frontier.

Come time to go, never rush, take time, and go, but slow.

For what lies there, is not better, or worse.
Once gone, to the beyond, know these words.

You were never excited, to leave, there.
You are always glad, to arrive, here.

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Adventures of Fred and Bob: The Realization

Having finally entered the place, the two professors sit down at the bar. Drinks start pouring. After a few, their conversation gets deep. They’re philosophers by profession and currently writing their respective PhD theses on the meaning of life at Columbia University in New York City.

An hour ago they had passed by a lounge, the same one they’re drinking at now. Live Tonight! Debut Performance: Frank Sinatra. They notice the bright red lights flashing on the sign above as they walk near Time Square. It’s a breezy starry Saturday night in December, 1942. “Hmm. Live music, sounds entertaining. Shall we go?” One of them, Fred, suggests in a somber tone. “I’m not sure, Fred. I’ve never heard of this guy. It says he’s new.” The other professor, Bob, facilitates the hesitation. “You’re right. He may not even be any good. And we’ll have wasted our whole night. But it’s late, we might as well go here.” Fred rationalizes their significant decision to enter the lounge.

At the bar, they cannot resist discussing work. “To be is to do.” Fred argues while pressing his thick-frame, burgundy glasses up along his greasy nose. He likes to find problems in things, like life, especially, when there’s nothing wrong. “No Fred. Believe me. To do is to be.” Bob subtly asserts his claim stroking his beard. He doesn’t care for Fred’s ideas. They keep arguing back and forth. They are soon hopeless and angry, with themselves, with each other, with the lounge. Heck, with life. There’s no progress. There’s no discovery. There’s no realization.

After the tenth or so drink, being so drunk, they finally stop contemplating. They cannot contemplate anymore. The alcohol has temporarily numbed their mental ability for logic. Their primary human senses begin to surface. They notice, the music, for the first time. The only thing they came here for. They’re completely taken away by everything, the people, the sounds, the lights, the scents, the vibe. They feel it running through their core. They could care less about the meaning. They just want to be with it. They are lost, in the music, in the moment. 

“Doo be doo be doo…” They listen, to Frank Sinatra, singing his debut song. “Man, we were so pathetic! Look at the performer. He’s having such a good time, he is so happy! And he’s singing both our ideas!” Fred cheers with uncontrollable excitement. “You’re right. Here we were, sitting around, contemplating on what it all means. We were so stuck in thinking that we never did anything. We shut up for once and now we see, we feel, we know what it means – whatever the hell it means!” Bob subtly exposes the realization. “You’re right bro! Man, I love this place, I love the performer, I love the music, I love you, I love life too!” Fred could no longer contain the joy boiling up in his being. “Alright, Fred. Love you too man.” Bob too shares the joy. 

Everyone’s got a little philosopher inside. I have a big philosopher in me, or used to. He’s gotten so old, he’s almost dead. Living as a philosopher is a terrible thing. It’s a sickening way to cope. You cannot find one truly happy philosopher in history. They are great men who contemplated a lot. They shed light on truth. Some even died for truth. But few of them, came to know, truth, through experience. 

Most people think about life, few, live life. Be the latter, not the former.

The next time the little philosopher in you yaps his mouth, smack him in the face. Shut him up. Laugh at him too, just to annoy him. Don’t let him ruin your moment, your one, epic, life. You’re unsure of something, anything, try it and find out for yourself, while you still have the time. There are no answers in hesitation and contemplation.

While you remain sheltered in the comfort of contemplation and hesitation suffocated by the thought of fear, guess who’s out there, taking risks, making moves, living and loving life? The explorer. The musician. The entrepreneur. The writer. The visionary. The photographer. The dancer. The lover. The artist. The rebel. The creator. The crazy ones.

You’re here, for the music.
Hear it, listen to it, feel it.

But, don’t settle for this.
It will not satisfy you.

You must go beyond.

Get up. Get out.
Create your own.

Dance, to your, tone.

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